Trading Terms and Conditions

Tymes Flyes Event Booking Terms and Conditions

1) All applications must be booked through our online booking system

2) Traders will be chosen by Tyme Flyes for an event based on applications made. Traders will be chosen to ensure a good selection of product is available to the customer without too much duplication.

3) Traders will only be allowed to trade in the goods they declare and with regards to any conditions laid down by Tyme Flyes.

4) Pitch and equipment rental fees must be paid as per the invoice issued. Pitches are only confirmed once full payment is received.

5) Traders must only trade within their allocated pitch.

6) If a gazebo is included in the fee then this shall be on a rental basis. The gazebo or its safety equipment eg. weights, guide lines must not be moved without the consent from the event / market manager. Locking pins within a gazebo must never be touched.

7) The named trader on the application is responsible to ensure that their pitch is safe for customers and the pitch is covered by public liability insurance. No generators, gas bottles or inflammable liquids are to be kept onsite.

8) Traders must be fully aware of any trading regulations / consumer law covering the products they are selling. Appropriate labeling and notifications are clearly must be put on any product.

9) Vehicles must be driven slowly with hazard lights whilst in the market area. Pedestrians have an absolute right of way. Vehicles will only be allowed on site as per the timings provided for the event.

10) Traders should ensure all rubbish is removed from their pitch before leaving.

11) The transfer or subletting of any pitch or part of a pitch is not allowed unless agreed with by Tyme Flyes, in writing. In case of any agreed subletting each trader must have public Liability Insurance and the name on the application must ensure any traders operating within their pitch is fully compliant with these conditions and they are liable for full compliance.

12) Traders will be expected to conduct their business in a safe and responsible manner. In particular traders shall ensure that all accidents, however small, are recorded for their own requirements and reported to the Tyme Flyes Market Manager. Any incident reports should also be sent to Tyme Flyes, by email, within 5 days after any event.

13) Traders may cancel any booking and receive a full refund if;

a) Cancel, by email to more than seven days before that event

b) Covid19 regulations force the cancellation

c) Those cancelling within two to seven days of the event will have their fees transferred to a future event.

d) Cancellations (Except COVID related) with 48 hours of the event will lose any fees paid unless a SUITABLE and ACCEPTABLE trader can be found to fill the pitch.

14) If due to poor weather conditions, Covid19 regulations, force Majeure or conditions that may hamper the safe running of the market it is cancelled by Tyme Flyes then traders will be refunded their pitch fees. Tyme Flyes will not be liable for any other costs or losses faced by the trader. Traders, if they so wish, should ensure they take out any appropriate insurance covering any losses from event cancellation except their pitch fees.

15) Trader applications maybe shown and discussed with Third parties that maybe partners or contractors involved in any event. If for any reason you may wish your personnel details withheld then please advise in writing to with subject DATA PROTECTION



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